The “OTB” hosts are always welcoming to all of their visitors, but in this interview clip, we ask the MTV2 stars to spill the beans on which great (dead or alive) would be their dream guest.

“I want to get Derek Jeter on the show,” New York Yankees fan Melanie Iglesiasreveals, without any hesitation. “It’s his last season. I think that would be amazing.” We’re pretty sure the fact that he’s freakin’ hot doesn’t hurt, either!

Who would you like to see on the show!?

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We have added over 30 photos to the online gallery from MTV2′s Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave! The photos are from the series’ first eight episodes.


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Melanie has been hinting about a new project she has been working on and today we finally know what it is!

The “What’s Luv?” rapper and MTV personality — along with Girl Code and Guy Code stars Chris Distefano and Melanie Iglesias — have signed on to host Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave.

The MTV2 show will be premiering in April.

It was announced in May that MTV2′s original series “Guy Code” had been renewed for a fourth season and to return in 2014. “Guy Code” will be returning to screens everywhere in April 2014! When we have a confirmation on the exact date, we will let you know. Melanie will be entering her fourth season with the show.

Melanie had been teasing us over her appearance on Tosh.0 and she finally made her appearance! Melanie was featured on the season six premiere and was heavily featured in the ‘Web Redemption’ segment where she helped a man with her sex appeal film a commercial for his golf store. Be warned – these images may be too hot to handle!

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Melanie will be appearing on Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0″ tonight at 10 pm on the season 6 premiere. Don’t miss it!

Melanie let us know a few weeks ago she was filming something, we’re excited that it will be airing so soon!



We’re excited to see what Daniel Tosh and Melanie are working on!

Are you a resident of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut? Well then what are you waiting for!? MTV2 is giving away FREE tickets to a Guy Court Comedy show and there is only one way to win – tweet!!

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Recently, the cast of Girl Code was interviewed by on what Girl Code is all about. The following explains how Melanie Iglesias would describe the show and how she feels about it.

Over beers at the Delancy, Melanie Iglesias, one of the cast members of MTV’s Girl Code, tells me that the comedy show operates kind of like a Taylor Swift song — albeit one with more dick jokes.

“I would rather my daughter learn about blow jobs by Nicole Byer” — another castmate — “than any other girl, than Miley Cyrus doing some stupid gyrating thing. I would rather her hear it in a funny fashion by some girl on this show than anything else out there,” said Iglesias.

The article then went on to describe the kind of cast member Melanie is:

Iglesias, a model with no comedy training but a keen sense of how ridiculous human behavior is, doubles as the resident hot girl. She’s popular with young boys on Instagram, she says — or, “the 10-year-olds shooting blanks into a sock,” as Peluso puts it.

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Got “Girl Code” withdrawal? Yeah, us too — NO ONE seems to wanna talk about their vaginas in this damn office! Thankfully, Season 2 is almost here, and as you can see in the new trailer below, no subject is off limits.

While Season 1 of the hit MTV show touched on the basics of everyday life as a chick — from bathroom etiquette to passive-aggressive compliment wars – the new eps are diving deeper into dealings with the opposite sex, so if you want to know exactly how to weasel aNaya Rivera-sized engagement ring out of your boyfriend, you’re golden. JessimaeNicoleand the rest of the comedic crew are also giving straight talk on the least romantic experience you’ll ever have (yep, losing your virginity!) to why airing your insecurities on social media is pretty pathetic. And let’s not leave out zits. Big. Monster. Zits.

Check out the trailer, and don’t miss the Season 2 premiere of “Girl Code” on October 29 at 11/10c!